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Jaw Bone Health, Loss and Deterioration

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Jawbone health can be maintained through regular check-ups and precise treatment for dental problems that often cause deterioration.  Depending on the situation, jawbone health may be safeguarded by replacing missing teeth, treating gum disease, or in severe cases, using bone grafts to repair defects or traumatic injury.  

Common Causes of Jawbone Deterioration and Loss

  • Tooth extractions
  • Periodontal disease
  • Dentures/bridgework
  • Trauma
  • Misalignment
  • Facial Tumors

How is Jawbone Loss Prevented?

Bone loss can be prevented by giving the jawbone a replacement tooth with a root that can exert the same or similar pressure as natural teeth. This is done immediately after extraction by replacing single teeth with dental implants, or by using a fixed implant-supported bridge or denture. A single-tooth implant or a dental bridge with three to four teeth supported by two implants provide a chewing power of 99% of natural bite force. A denture secured with dental implants, such as our Same Day Teeth procedure, provides about 70% to 80% of normal biting force and helps considerably in preventing bone loss.

Tips for Maintaining Jawbone Health

  • Take Calcium Supplements 
  • Regularly Stretch the Jaw Muscles 
  • Don’t Overwork Your Jaw (by chewing gum excessively, for instance)
  • Eat a Healthy Diet 
  • Visit the Dentist Often

Regular visits to your Hickory Tree Dental Care dentist every six months can help keep your teeth in the best shape possible to help prevent jawbone loss. Call us at 689-210-2014 today.